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Leading in innovative technology and smart thinking, so you have one less thing to worry about. It learns your schedule, programs itself and automatically helps you save energy when you're away. Works with the Nest app for iOS and Android for mobile, tablet and laptop


Why choose the Nest Thermostat?


  • No Programming Necessary
    Auto-Schedule helps Nest learn your heating and hot water habits and programs itself in a week
  • Look out for the Leaf
    This means you're saving energy. Turn the dial and see the difference
  • No Guessing
    True Radiant turns the heating on just in time to reach the temperature you want
  • Control Your Nest
    Change temperatures anywhere by using your mobile, tablet or laptop. Using GPS, it turns your heating on as you come closer, making your home ready as soon as you get in. Thermostat lock stops heat seekers wasting energy
  • Home or Away?
    No need to waste energy heating an empty home. Auto-Away adjusts the temperature when you leave
  • Heat History
    See how much energy you've used and why. Learn about your home to save more
  • Temperature Alerts
    Nest alerts you if your house is too cold, saving you from dreaded pipe freeze
  • Sunlight Control
    If Nest heats up in direct sunlight, Sunblock automatically adjusts to read and set the correct temperature


This little gem is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm all in one. Clever technology with minimalist appearance, this Protect can be put anywhere as it's battery powered or can be wired to your mains. As an added bonus, you can have as many as you want, which connects to your phone, laptop or tablet

Why choose the Nest Protect?


  • Industrial grade smoke sensor, tests itself more than 400 times a day and lasts up to 10 years
  • Alarm Updates
    Alerts you when something is wrong when your not home
  • Speaks Up
    Nest Protect tells you if there smoke or carbon monoxide and where the danger is. Links with Nest Thermostat to turn off the boiler if there is carbon monoxide
  • Burnt Toast?
    No problem, the Protect will alert you and lets you silence the alarm before it goes off
  • Accurate Smoke Detection
    Split Spectrum sensor emits 2 wave lengths of light to detect smoke from fast and slow burning fires.  Humidity sensor with an advanced algorithm looks for steam to reduce false alarms
  • Sleep Easy
    Pathlight will light your way at night and brightness can be adjusted on the Nest App. Green will glow when light is turned off to show everything is ok. No rude awakenings by low batteries
  • Friendly Human Voice

Wifi Connection, Mobile & Tablet iOS 8 or later, Android 4 or later required

Battery Option includes six long life batteries
Wire Option includes 230v AC connector. In case of power cut, 3 back up batteries are supplied for back up


Not suitable for locations where normal ambient temperatures fall below 4 degrees celsius or exceeds 38 degrees celsius. Humidity range 20% to 80%

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