Privacy Policy

For the purpose of this Privacy Notice, the following words shall have the following meanings:

  1. ‘The Company’ shall mean Element Gas LTD

  2. ‘The Customer’ or ‘The Individual’ shall mean the person(s) for whom the company agrees to carry

    out work and/or supply materials

Understanding your data protection and your rights as a consumer

From 25th May 2018, the company will be bound by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) as well as other laws that impose specific obligations in regards to handling personal information that directly and indirectly identifies a person. This privacy policy and principles in this document are in accordance with these laws

The company is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information given to the company by the customer. This privacy policy embodies this commitment

The policy supports the companies need to collect information from the customer and the right of the individual to privacy. It ensures that the company can collect personal information necessary for its services or functions, whilst recognising the right of the individual to have their information handled in ways that they would reasonably expect and in ways to protect the customer’s privacy of the customer’s personal information

The Company’s Policy

Personal information is collected and used by the company for the purposes stated below

  1. To provide services agreed by the customer through quotations sent by the customer

  2. The company will use the customer’s name, address, email address and phone number to be able to

    quote, invoice and complete the works and will store the customer’s details on the company’s electronic diary and using QuickBooks and Gas Safe Software (gas services), which is protected by passwords and only the data is retrievable by the data controllers: Rebekah Nash & Joe Collins (Company Directors)

  3. The company will hold the customer’s details in a secure manor and will not distribute or sell any information. The customer’s details will be held on file electronically in case the customer wishes to repeat their business with the company and for future reference, if needed. If the customer would prefer the company not to do this, please see below OPT IN/OUT to fill out

  4. The customer has the right to withdraw or withhold their information if they wish to do so

If the company is unable to retrieve the data needed for the customer, the customer may experience delays and/or issues with their quotes, invoices or works and it is not the company’s is not responsible if this should occur

To summarise the terms, this means that the company will:

  1. Only collect information which is required for a specific primary purpose i.e. complete agreed works

  2. Ensure that the individual supplying the information knows why the information is collected and how

    it will be handled

  3. Will give the right to the customer by law, if they wish to withhold their information. The customer

    will not be bound to do so

The customer’s information will only be used for the above reasons only. The company will store the customer’s information safely and responsibly and will not pass on the customer’s information, unless the company has been asked to do so by the customer. The company will not sell the customer’s information or pass onto any marketing and the customer’s information shall only be used by the company to complete the works agreed



Privacy Notice Explained

For the purpose of the Privacy Notice Explained, the following words shall have the following meanings:

  1. ‘The Company’ shall mean Element Gas LTD

  2. ‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘You’re’ and ‘my’ shall mean you, the consumer(s)/person(s) for whom the company

    agrees to carry out work and/or supply materials

What information does the company take from you?

Personal details such as name, address and contact details
The company will request the above to be able to carry out the works agreed by both parties and

used to provide quotations and/or invoices if required
Personal details that are voluntarily given through verbal or written means, such as phone calls and

social media will be kept secure and not shared with third parties, unless instructed to do so by the customer

The company will never ask for sensitive personal information, such as physical or mental health status, religious views or ethnic origins

How, when and why does the company collect personal information?

The company may take information through website forms, social media forms and/or messages and requests made directly to the company by phone, email or other means of interaction

The company retains your information to supply you with the best service they can provide. If some details are missing, there may be a delay in getting back to you or processing your requests

Why does the company collect personal information?

The company collects your information because it is necessary to obtain certain details to make sure the company is able to provide the best service to you and to keep you updated with safety updates and annual servicing for gas appliances

The company also uses your details to respond to queries and to be able to bill you once the agreed works have been carried out

The company will only use your information where necessary and for legitimate interests in connection with carrying out business, within the interests in line applicable by law and your legal rights; where you have agreed use and/or where necessary for legal obligations which apply to the company
If the company visits your property and there is a risk to yourselves, family or surrounding properties such as a gas leak, the company by law has the right to use its personal judgement and give your information to the respectful authorities, such as Wales & West to ensure safety to those involved. The company will ask permission to do so, but failure to supply details, the company will have to act respectfully to the law and consumer safety

Does the company use information for marketing?

Where legally permitted to do so, the company can use your information given to contact you through phone or email for marketing purposes relating to our services, our website and for research. Your agreement to the use of your personal information for these purposes is optional and you must sign the Opt Out form if you wish not to be contacted, otherwise the company’s services will not be affected

You have the right to opt out at any time by either using the form or by any written means, such as email or text

Element Gas LTD 26 Commercial Road, Machen, Caerphilly CF83 8NA Registered in England and Wales 08673819 Gas Safe Registered 555823

Does the company distribute my information to third parties?

The company will not pass your information to third parties for them to contact you with marketing or other information. The company will use your name and/or address as a reference for their merchants, but will not supply all of your personal information. The company has carefully selected these merchants and has taken adequate steps to ensure your personal information is protected. The company’s third parties may include: merchants, software used by the company to protect and secure information such as QuickBooks and Gas Safe Software, regulators/law enforcements and other trades. Please note, other trades will only receive information from the company if you’re happy for them to be passed on

As stated above, the company will only pass on your personal information to regulators and/or law enforcements if the company is required to do so by law, and in the purposes of preventing and detecting gas leaks, or other means in relation to public safety

How long does the company keep your information?

It is our policy to retain your personal information for the length of time required for the specific purpose or for future reference in case the company needs to contact you for safety concerns i.e. overdue gas certificates, which is stated in this policy notice. However, the company may be obligated to hold some information for a longer period that is applicable by law. If this is the case, we will ensure that your personal data will continue to be treated in accordance with the company’s policy and outlined by relevant laws

What does the company do in respect to security and confidentiality?

The company will use appropriate security measures to ensure the safety and protect your personal information and guard against unauthorised persons from accessing your sensitive information

Your information is stored securely on computers in a secure environment, or in a secure, locked storage in the case of hard copies. Any personal information will be destroyed appropriately and securely. The company will endeavour to under keep your personal information safe, whilst using the appropriate software for its works to be carried out and the company’s systems are secure and protected

The company will always try and do its best to secure information passed using the internet, however transmission of information via the internet is not 100% secure, so we cannot guarantee the security of your information, once it has passed through the company’s website or from third parties

The company acknowledges that the information supplied by yourselves may be confidential, so we do not sell, rent, distribute or make your personal information commercially available to any third party, but may share information with law enforcements that is mentioned above. The company will keep your information confidential and protect it in accordance with this privacy notice and the laws that apply

Your rights as a consumer

You have the right to withdraw your consent to receiving information from the company at any time, by using the form supplied or by written means such as email at The company would like you to know that it is important to be in control of your own information and the company offers:

Request access to or copies to the information the company holds about you
Correct or update any information the company holds on you
Request that personal information is deleted
Object to how the company processes your data i.e. if the company is unable to demonstrate

legitimate grounds for use or processing
Withdraw any consent given to the company to use the information
You may give the right to give consent to give your information to a third party
Request the right to restrict the processing of your data to which you have consented or exercised

your rights or wish for us to retain your information for reference

Element Gas LTD 26 Commercial Road, Machen, Caerphilly CF83 8NA Registered in England and Wales 08673819 Gas Safe Registered 555823

Please contact the company directly at and you will be assisted and provided with the rights to which you are entitled to in relation to your personal information under the applicable data protection laws

If you are unhappy with the way that we have handled your personal information, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) which is the UK authority responsible for data protection. If you’d like more information, please ask and the company can help accordingly

Please contact us if you have any questions in relation to this policy or if you’d like to contact us to exercise your rights as a consumer, please contact us at

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